Lesrel Adolphe-Alexandre
21.500 €

The toast
Oil on panel : 56,7 X 66,1 cm
Signed and dated bottom right “A.A. LESREL 1904”
Frame : 76,0 X 86,3 cm

In short
Lesrel was a virtuoso French painter who recreated seemingly effortless the age of the Musketeers. His incredible, highly-finished technique was inspired by that of Dutch and Flemish masters of the first half of the 17th century.
About Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel
French painter
Genêts 1839 – 1929 Genêts
Sophisticated Academic painter (“Peintre Pompier”) of rich, idealised, historic 16th and 17th century interior scenes. His highly detailed and historically accurate paintings testify of the widespread interest in romanticised evocations of the past, in the footsteps of authors like Alexandre Dumas père. Lesrel’s art was, besides in France, very popular in the UK and in the USA. 
Pupil of Jean-Léon Gérôme in 1861 (at the age of 22) at the “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” in Paris. Gérôme (1824 – 1904) taught in almost 40 years over 2000 pupils; Lesrel was his 22nd pupil. He also studied under Ernest Meissonier (1815 – 1891), whose documentary approach of art profoundly influenced him.
In 1872 he married one of his models, the couple had two daughters.
In 1907, at the age of 68, Lesrel left Paris and returned to Normandy to his birthplace Genêts, a small village close to the Mont Saint-Michel. He passed away here in 1929, two months before he would have reached the age of 90.
About our painting
As usually Lesrel has paid great attention to every single detail. A merry company toasts to a successful hunt, the tapestry in the background represents their patron saint: Saint Hubertus’ meeting with a stag holding a crucifix between its antlers.
Our painter is said to have often portrayed his commissioners into his interior scenes, thus turning them into so-called “portraits histories”.
Why should you buy this painting?
Because it is an accurate, lively and seemingly natural representation of a gay company of hunters at the time of King Louis XIII: French bourgeois, Pompier painting at its luxurious best.
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