Quellinus, Circle of Erasmus II
7.600 €

Caritas, the allegorical personification of charity as a young mother with her children
Oil on copper : 27,8 X 36,1 cm
Frame : 41,3 X 50,0 cm
I am currently documenting this painting

About Caritas
Caritas or Charity stands in Christian theology for altruistic love:  
- for Man’s love of God; 
- for God’s love of Man that Man shares with other men. Therefore Charity is portrayed by a mother who lovingly looks after her small children, sometimes she is breast-feeding them.
About our painting
The composition of our painting is in fact more complex than meets the eye: it must represent the victory of Charity over Deception and over Jealousy.
At the centre of our painting sits Caritas, represented as a young mother. She is surrounded by five putti-like children:
- the child with a mask at right must represent Deception;
- at left a small putto is playing with a wind spinner; the child at his feet reaching out for it stands for Jealousy.
Comparative paintings
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