Tronville, François Joseph, SOLD
Shipwreck near cliffs
Oil on canvas : 27,6 X 40,0 cm
Signed and dated bottom left “Tronville.1846”
Frame : 42,6 X 54,9 cm



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About François Joseph Tronville
French painter
Bar-le-Duc 1817 – 1875 Paris (?)
Landscape painter active in Paris.
Tronville’s signature has sometimes been misread as Trouville. Our painting is clearly signed Tronville.
There also reigns some confusion about his first names. The painter offered in 1843 a very mediocre oil painting representing the entrance of a harbour to the Muséee Barrois in his birthplace Bar-le-Duc. That painting dated 1842 was signed at the back “Louis François Joseph Tronville”. But his birth certificate does not mention that first name, Louis.
About our painting
The mountainous coastline in our painting shows striking ressemblances with that in a “bear hunt in Canada” sold at Sotheby’s Toronto in 1996.
In 1846, the year that Tronville painted our shipwreck, both ships of the British discovery expedition (looking for a NE passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans) under Sir John Franklin perished off the coast of Canada.
Why should you buy this painting?
Because it is such a sensitive, Romantic representation of a shipwreck in a thunderstorm painted in very delicate tonalities.
Comparative paintings
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