Teniers, David II
28.000 €

A shepherd with his cattle in an Arcadian landscape
Oil on canvas : 44,5 X 60 cm
Signed lower right 
Frame : 59 X 74 cm
I am currently documenting this painting.

About David Teniers II
Flemish painter
Antwerp 1610 – 1690 Brussels
Important versatile painter of genre scenes, landscapes, still lifes, portraits and historic scenes. 
Son and pupil of David I Teniers (1587-1649) who was a history and genre painter. David I was probably a pupil of his older brother Juliaen I (1572 – 1615).
Brother and probably master of Abraham Teniers (1629 – 1670) who was a genre scene painter.
Father of David III Teniers (1638 – 1685) who was an important tapestry cartoon painter.
David II’s wife was Anna Brueghel (1619 – 1656), the daughter of Jan Brueghel I (1568-1625) and sister of Ambrosius and of Jan Brueghel II.
Teniers was active in his native Antwerp until 1650, where he developed 
a good relationship with Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640).
From 1650 until his death in 1690 he lived in Brussels. He became the court painter of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm (1614-1662), the governor of the Spanish Netherlands (Flanders) and his work was quickly imitated and copied.
The next governor, Don Juan of Austria, was also a patron of Teniers, as was Prince William of Orange, Queen Christina of Sweden, and most notably King Philip IV of Spain. 
About Late Baroque Arcadian painting
In several European countries the Baroque period ended with a French inspired, Classical movement: the earlier, dramatic realism was replaced by an idealised, decorative vision of nature and of reality. This Arcadia stood for an unspoiled, harmonious, Mediterranean nature, uncorrupted by civilization. It was regarded as unattainable or as a lost. The ancient Greek province of Arcadia was known for its mountainous geography and sparse population.
Arcadia became an idealised phantasy dreamland in poetry. Best known are:
- the popular pastoral tragicomedy “il pastor fido” by Battista Guarini (1590); 
- the translation in Dutch by Karel van Mander of the “Bucolics” of the Roman poet Virgil (1597);
- the famous play “Granida” by Pieter Cornelisz. Hooft (1605).
In France Claude le Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin are its best known Baroque painters, so-called ‘Classicists’. In Holland Utrecht was the centre of Arcadian painting.