Nickelen, Isaak van
6.400 €

Church interior
Oil on canvas : 76,0 X 68,8 cm
Signed bottom left “I.aak v Ni.kele”
Frame : 83,9 X 87,0 cm


About Isaak van Nickelen
Dutch painter
Haarlem 1632/33 – 1703 Haarlem
Perspective painter of church interiors (especially of the St. Bavo church in Haarlem, where he was buried, and of a few fantasized church interiors). He also painted a few palace views (one is in the Louvre in Paris).
It is not known whom Isaak studied painting with, possibly with Pieter Saenredam, whom he was strongly influenced by. Another source of influence were both the Berckheyde brothers, Job and Gerrit.
Member of the Painter’s Guild of Saint Luke in Haarlem from 1660 onwards.
His son Jan (Haarlem circa 1656 – 1721 Kassel) was his pupil. Jan was court painter of the Elector Johann Wilhelm of the Palatine in Dusseldorf (1712 – 1716) and of Landgraf Karl von Hessen-Kassel in Kassel (1716 – 1721).
Our Isaak tried to make a living not only as a painter, but also with a silk spinning factory in Alkmaar. Sadly he was declared bankrupt in 1698. 
The figure staffage in van Nickelen’s paintings was made by such diverse painters as Dirck Maas, Richard Brakenburgh, Jan van de Vinne or Jan van Huchtenburg.
Why should you buy this painting?
Because it must be an early, a-typical painting from van Nickelen, holding at right a mysterious bird-man.
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