Verbrugghe, Charles
11.750 €

In the garden
Oil on panel : 76,2 X 63,4 cm
Signed bottom right
Dedicated to the painter Jef Vande Fakere and dated 1920
Frame 98,9 X 86,9 cm
Provenance : Berko Fine Paintings, 1995
Published : Norbert Hostyn and Willem Rappard, “Dictionary of Belgian and Dutch flower painters born between 1750 and 1880” 
(1995, P. 388).
I add to this painting the pastel portrait of Charles Verbrugghe that Jef Vande Fackere made the next year

In short
Here you get two wonderfully connected paintings for the price of one: a happy Neo-Impressionist garden view by Verbrugghe dedicated to Jef Vande Fackere from 1920 and a pastel portrait by Vande Fackere of Verbrugghe made the next summer, in 1921.
Our garden view was published on the cover of  the French art magazine “L’Estampille/L’Objet d’Art” in the summer of 1995.
About Charles Verbrugghe
Belgian painter
Bruges 1877 – 1975 Paris
Also known as Charles Henri Verbrugghe.
Son of a cobbler, who would not succeed to his father. He was a self-taught painter.
Neo-Impressionist landscape and townscape painter. He occasionally painted portraits and still lifes.
Verbrugghe lived in Paris, in Montmartre, since 1906. This was then still the rural part of Paris: Verbrugghe lived on the first floor of a farm. During the Belle Epoque many painters lived and worked in Montmartre because the rents were so low. 
Every summer Verbrugghe returned to Bruges to paint. He also loved working at the Côte d’Azur and in Italy.
Our painter’s style was strongly influenced by French Impressionism: he used brilliant colours to depict his views bathed in warm, pleasing light.
About our painting
Verbrugghe painted just above his signature in the lower left part of our painting a dedication in French: “Souvenir amicale au Sympathique Peintre J. Vande Fackere le 15 – 10 – 1920”; “Friendly Souvenir to the Sympathetic Painter J. Vande Fackere 15 – 10 1920”.
Jef Vande Fackere (Bruges 1879 – 1946 Bruges) was a Belgian painter of portraits, figures and flower still lifes, who often painted in pastel. He became a teacher at the academy of Bruges in 1904.
Our painting was bought in 1995 from Berko Fine Paintings, who then had galleries in Paris, Brussels and Knokke. Berko still participates every year at Tefaf Maastricht.
Our painting is published in Berko’s lavish “Dictionary of Belgian and Dutch flower painters born between 1750 and 1880” written by Norbert Hostyn and Willem Rappard (1995, P. 388).
A detail of our painting also made the cover of the French magazine “L’Estampille/L’Objet d’Art” Nr. 293, July-August 1995. A small photograph of the painting was also put on page 19 of the same magazine.
A bonus: the portrait by Charles van de Fackere of Charles Verbrugghe
I add to this magnificent garden view painted by Charles Verbrugghe for Jef Vande Fackere in 1920 the pastel portrait that Vande Fackere made the next year, in 1921, of Charles Verbrugghe 

Why should you buy this painting?
Because it is the most happy, sunny garden view possible. Therefore it was put on the cover of the summer edition of a well-known French art magazine in 1995.
Because it is not just a great painting; it was a magnificent present for Verbrugghe’s friend and colleague-painter Jef van de Fackere in 1920.
Because you get a bonus: the pastel portrait painted the next year by van de Fackere of Charles Verbrugghe.
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