Merck, Attributed to Jacob Fransz. van der
6.400 €

Plundering soldiers
Oil on panel : 58,8 X 79,4 cm
Frame : 73,5 X 93,5 cm
I would like to thank Prof.-Dr. Jan De Maere who has proposed the attribution

I am currently documenting this painting

About Jacob Fransz. van der Merck
Dutch painter
's-Gravendeel circa 1610 – 1664 Leiden
‘s Gravndeel lies close to Dordrecht.
Genre and portrait painter; occasionally painter of still lifes.
Van der Merck was active in several Dutch towns: he is documented in Delft, The Hague, Dordrecht and Leiden. He moved regularly; to be able to sell his paintings in a new town he each time had to join the local Painter’s Guild of Saint Luke.
From 1628 until 1631 he was a member of the Painter's Guild of Saint Luke of Delft.
In 1636 he joined the Painter’s Guild at The Hague, where he seems to have lived for a few years.
In 1640 he joined the Guild in Dordrecht.
He was back in The Hague in 1649.
From 1658 until his death in 1664 he was finally a member of the Painter's Guild of Leiden.
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