Baeilleur, Cornelis I
9.500 €

The arrest of Christ
Oil on copper : 25,9 X 33,9 cm
Frame : 37,9 X 45,8 cm
I am currently documenting this painting

About Cornelis de Baeilleur I
Flemish painter
Antwerp 1607 – 1671 Antwerp
His name is sometimes spelt de Baellieur.
Painter of religious subjects and of genre scenes. Also active as an art dealer.
Pupil since 1617 of Anton Liesaert (1578 – after 1627).
In 1626 he became a Master in the Antwerp Painter’s Guild of Saint Luke (in 1644 be became Dean of this Guild).
De Baeilleur was strongly influenced by Frans Francken II (Antwerp 1581 – 1642 Antwerp), an important history painter of biblical, mythological and allegorical subjects. Just like Francken de Baeilleur also painted cabinet pictures depicting art galleries or private patrons admiring their collections.
Cornelis was the son of a dealer in paintings, who was also active as a glass-blower.
Cornelis married in 1633, but his wife died already less than a year later while giving birth to a daughter. He re-married at the end of 1636 and he had five more children, among whom Cornelis II (1642 – 1687) who became a decorative painter of bas-reliefs in grisaille. The art dealer and painter Victor Wolfvoet II (1612 – 1652) was godfather of one of the other five children.
The two main Flemish art dealers also belonged to the close circle of de Baeilleur:
- he was a nephew of Guilliam Forchondt I (1608 – 1678). The company of Forchondt (also known as Forchoudt), himself also a painter, exported a lot of artwork to Central Europe (especially to Vienna) and to a lesser extent to Spain (and Portugal). 
- De Baeilleur’s sister married Forchondt’s main concurrent, Matthijs Musson (1593 – 1678), who specialised in export to Holland, Paris and Spain.