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Peter Kornbeck
Mosque in Cairo
Oil on canvas : 70,5 X 55,9 cm
Sold at Christie’s London, 15/06/05
For 13.200 £ = 19.816 €

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Kornbeck, Peter
"The Temple of Concordia"

In short

Kornbeck was an architect and successful architectural painter. He lived in the 1860s for five and a half years in Italy, a country that would provide him with his favourite subjects. He also painted Egyptian views.

At the age of 31, the very day of his wedding he had a terrible accident: he lost one eye and he risked loosing the second one. Luckily he was able to continue painting.

The Temple of Agrigento is one of the best-preserved Greek temples, because it had been changed into a church in the 6th century AD.

About Peter Kornbeck
Danish painter 
Copenhagen 1837 – 1894
Architect and successful architectural painter.
Johan Peter Kornbeck was the son of a mason. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and under the architectural painter Heinrich Hansen (1821 – 1890) in Copenhagen. 
In 1860 Kornbeck moved to Italy where he lived for five and a half years. During that stay and also after his return to Denmark he very often travelled, looking for potential subjects for his paintings. His favourite destinations were, besides Italy, Dalmatia and the regions along the Danube. He also painted Egyptian views.
Kornbeck married in 1868, aged 31, the daughter of a fur trader. The very day of the wedding he had an accident: he lost one eye and he risked loosing the second one. Luckily he was able to continue painting. 
About our painting
This unique view by Kornbeck represents the Temple of Concordia in Agrigento, close to the S. coast of Sicily. 
This fifth century BC Greek temple of the Doric order (the same order as the three temples in Paestum and as the Parthenon in Athens) is miraculously well preserved; it had been used as a Christian basilica from the 6th century onwards. By the end of the 18th century all ulterior elements have been removed. Although the temple is now given to the Roman goddess of harmony, Concordia, it is actually unknown for which deity it was originally built.
On a ridge outside the ancient Greek town of Akragas (Agrigento) were built several temples. The best-known are: 
- the Temple of Juno Lacinia
- our Temple of Concordia
- the Temple of Hercules
- the huge Temple of the Olympian Zeus, of which a few monumental atlas-sculptures have been found
- the Temple of the Dioscuri.
Why should you buy this painting?
Because Kornbeck has very well captured the impact of the S. summer light on the monumental temple.
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