Berchem, Nicolaes II
4.900 €

The bird trap, encampment with a figure on a white horse
Oil on panel : 41,1 X 52,8 cm
Signed with monogram middle right “I.N.Ber.”
Frame : 53,2 X 64,6 cm

In short
Berchem was the son of his homonymous father, the famous Italianate landscape painter. He died at the age of 22 in Paris. Very few paintings are known by him. Ours copies a composition by his father, today at the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh.
About Nicolaes Berchem II
Dutch painter
Haarlem 1649 – 1672 Paris
Italianate landscape painter.
Berchem was born in an artistic family and must have studied painting either under his father or/and under one/both of his grandfathers.
- He was the son of the famous landscape painter Nicolaes Berchem I (Haarlem 1621/22 – 1683 Amsterdam). 
- His father’s father was the famous still life painter Pieter Claesz. (Berchem near Antwerp 1597/98 – 1660 Haarlem). 
- His mother’s stepfather was the little-known landscape painter Jan Wils (Amsterdam 1603 – 1666 Haarlem).
Our painter was the second son with the first name Nicolaes, born to Nicolaes Berchem and his wife Catrijne Claesdr. de Groot. His elder brother must have died shortly after his birth in 1647, so when our painter was born in 1649 he got the same first name as his brother, which was also the first name of their father. Ten years later, in 1659, his parents also had a daughter.
Nicolaes I, our painter's father adopted the name Berchem when he entered the workshop of Jan van Goyen. That is where his father, Pieter Claesz., was born.
Our young painter must have arrived in Paris by 1671 where he died the very start of the next year, January 3rd 1672. He was buried the next day in the Protestant cemetery of Paris, the Cimetière des Saint-Pères, by his nephew the Italianate animal painter Govert van der Leeuw (1645 -1688) and the marine painter Jacob Knijff (1639 – 1681).
About our painting
There are very few paintings known by Nicolaes Berchem the Younger. Some, such as ours, are copies after his father’s paintings. The composition of our painting is made after a painting today at the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh. 
The Edinburgh painting is considered an early painting from about 1645/46. It is a dune landscape from around Berchem’s native Haarlem. Hunters are preparing to catch small birds with nets, probably finches.
Our signature reads as “I.N.Ber.” which stands for “Jonge Nicolaes Berchem”, that is “the Young Nicolaes Berchem”.
Why should you buy this painting?
Because it is a signed painting by a rare painter, who died already at the age of 22.
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