Loef, Jacob Gerritsz.
7.000 €

Shipping in choppy waters
Oil on panel : 62 X 89 cm
Frame : 82 X 108 cm

About Jacob Gerritsz. Loef
Dutch marine painter
Enkhuizen 1605/07 – 1683/85 Enkhuizen
His last name is also spelt ‘Loeff’.
Loef’s paintings are rare. Only in 1958 could B.J.A. Renckens, in an article in Oud Holland, link two fully signed paintings with a few paintings monogrammed ‘I G L’. These could then later on be linked to a couple of unsigned paintings, such as ours.
Loef probably lived all his life in Enkhuizen. Seeing the fair number of paintings representing the neighbouring city of Hoorn, he must also have worked there. The reason is that the Admiralty of West Friesland or of the Northern Quarter (‘Noorderkwartier’), which was created in 1589, switched every three months, from 1597 on, its location between Enkhuizen and Hoorn.
Both Enkhuizen and Hoorn lie on the Zuiderzee, 20 km apart, in West Friesland, which lays North of the province of Holland. The navy of the Dutch Republic was made up of five admiralties: Amsterdam, Zeeland, Rotterdam, Friesland and the Northern Quarter. 
It is unknown whom Loef studied under. 
In his early years Loef stood close to Hendrick Vroom ( 1566 – 1640), to Jan Porcellis (1585 – 1632) and to Simon de Vliegher (1600 – 1653). Later he came closer to Willem van Diest (1610 – 1663) and to Jacob Bellevois (circa 161 – 1676).
Very few of his works are dated, so it has been impossible to reconstruct exactly his evolution.
Comparative paintings
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