Schellincks, Daniel
13.500 €

A river landscape with incidents aboard a ferry
Oil on canvas : 78,7 X 89,2 cm
Frame : 98,6 X 109 cm
(incl 35 % pr.)
Our painting is recorded at the RKD, The Hague under number 283826. The attribution was confirmed by Madam Ellis Dullaart. 

In short
Daniel Schellincks must have been an excellent, non professional painter, who was strongly influenced by his brother Willem. He is best-known for this subject of a ferry with figures and cattle crossing a river in an Italianate landscape.
Rather shamelessly Schellincks has chosen to depict an insolent incident that has happened aboard: while an old couple is trying to rescue a woman who has fallen into the water her naked bottom appears.
About Daniel Schellincks
Dutch painter
Amsterdam 1627 – 1701 Amsterdam
His last name can also be spelt Schellinks.
Silk trader and rare Italianate landscape painter. He also painted a few marine paintings with sea battles. Apparently he was just an amateur painter, but then indeed a very good one. It is unknown whom he studied painting with, but Daniel was strongly influenced by his eldest brother, Willem.
Son of a surveyor.
Brother of Willem Schellincks, who was a famous landscape painter. He travelled regularly and extensively:
- in France in 1646, along the rivers Loire and Seine, to Paris and Normandy, 
- in England between 1661 and 1663 and from there to Italy. 
- He returned via Switzerland and Germany to Amsterdam in June 1665. 
Willem is famous for having painted the successful Dutch raid on the English fleet at Chatham on the river Medway.
Another brother, Jacob, settled on the shores of present-day Connecticut (USA), in Southampton, where he took up whaling.
Our painter, Daniel, married in 1664. Just as Willem he must also have travelled to Italy, for landscape drawings made in Italy are also known by Daniel, that is of places that he must have seen in real. 
About our painting
Daniel Schellincks’ paintings are rare. He seems to have favoured this subject of figures and cattle aboard a ferryboat, crossing a stream in a hilly Italianate landscape. These are all tranquil compositions with a mild evening sunlight.
Schellincks has painted here an incident aboard a ferry. Because a mule and a horse are kicking each other, a woman has fallen over board. An elder couple is hauling her back on-board. While the old man is pulling her underskirt, her naked behind appears: a rather rare subject in 17th century painting … .
Our painting is a typical example of Dutch Italianate painting. Daniel and Willem Schellincks belonged to the second generation of 17th century Dutch artists who travelled to Italy.
The first generation was in Rome during the 1620s and 1630s. Its most famous members were Cornelis van Poelenburgh, Bartholomeus Breenbergh and Pieter van Laer ( who was nicknamed ‘Bamboccio’). Those first two painters specialised in mythological Arcadian landscapes, mostly with imaginary Roman ruins.
The second generation stayed in Rome during the 1640s and 1650s. Best known are Jan Both, Jan Asselijn, Claes Berchem, Jan Baptist Weenix, Adam Pynacker,  Karel Dujardin and Johannes Lingelbach. They also painted their views in a warm Southern light. But they chose for pastoral everyday scenes amidst contemporary Italian buildings.
The third generation was active in Rome during the third quarter of the 17th century. To this group belong Johannes Glauber, Jan-Frans 
van Bloemen en Hendrick van Lint.
In the artistic production of the first generation there is practically no difference between paintings executed in Rome or those painted after their return in the Low Countries. Within the paintings of the second generation this difference is very apparent.
The third generation did not return from Italy; they stayed active their complete career in Rome.
Why should you buy this painting?
Because it is an excellent example of Dutch Italianate landscape painting from the middle and third quarter of the 17th century, holding an unexpected, cheeky incident.
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