Momper, Frans de, SOLD

Soldiers playing skittles on a road by a manor house, a view of Breda beyond
Oil on panel : 40,3 X 55 cm
Signed bottom middle “f.d.momper”
Frame : 60,2 X 74,4 cm

Published by Klaus Ertz, Josse de Momper der Jüngere. Die Gemälde, 1986, P. 291 and
P. 293, Nr 353 with photograph
Published by Hans-Ulrich Beck, Künstler um Jan van Goyen. Maler und Zeichner,
1991, P. 293, Nr 816, without photograph

Sold to the Breda's Museum, Breda

"all paintings are fully documented; these texts are removed from all sold items".