Duyfhuysen, Pieter Jacobsz.
6.300 €

A shy boy singing in the kitchen with his mother
Oil on panel : 35,5 X 29,3 cm
Frame : 48,5 X 42,5 cm
(Incl. 35% pr.)
Exhibited : Hartford, Conneticut, Wadsworth Atheneum, Life in seventeenth century Holland, 1950-51, No. 55.1950 
Published :
- Cornelis Hofstede de Groot, Beschreibendes und kritisches Verzeichnis der Werke der hervorragendsten Holländischen Maler des XVII. Jahrhunderts, Vol. 5, No. 43 (as Pieter Cornelisz. van Slingelandt).
- Willem L. Van de Watering, Pieter Duyfhuysen (1608-1677): een reconstructie van het oevre van een vergeten Rotterdamse schilder van boereninterieurs, in: Holländische Genremalerei im 17. Jahrhundert, Symposium Berlin 1984, P. 357-383, No. 14. 
Provenance : 
- until 1922 the famous collection of Count Charles Cavens in Brussels
- sold at Galerie Le Roy in Brussels in May 1922
- with Gallery Douwes in Amsterdam in 1925
- with Gallery Bruno Meissner in Zurich
Our painting is known at the RKD, The Hague, under number 1001246839.

In short
Duyfhuysen is a rare Rotterdam painter, who mostly painted this kind of farm interiors.
Our little boy appears in five other paintings. In one of them, at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, he is also represented singing.
About Pieter Jacobsz. Duyfhuysen
Dutch painter
Rotterdam 1608 – 1677 Rotterdam
Genre scene painter of mostly farm interiors holding kitchen implements. He also painted a single biblical scene and a portrait.
He was nicknamed Colinchovius.
He was possibly a pupil of the mysterious and turbulent painter Johannes Torrentius (1588 – 1644) in Haarlem. A Rotterdam auction catalogue of 1730 holds “a portrait of Duyfhuysen by his master Torrentius”. If so Duyfhuysen must have been his pupil before Torrentius’ arrest for heresy, witchcraft and various forms of immorality in 1625. From that year onwards our painter is solely documented in his native Rotterdam.
He lived in a house together with his brother Jacob, a notary, and with his sister. Their father had also been a notary.
About our painting
In the past Duyfhuysen’s interior scenes, with their so distinctive facial types, were mistakenly given to Pieter van Slingelandt. His oeuvre catalogue was definitively reconstructed by Willem van de Watering in 1987, where our painting is given number 14. Today still not many paintings are known by Duyfhuysen: more or less 20.
Our little boy with his short cut hair appears regularly, at least five other times, in Duyfhuysen’s paintings. 
Here in our painting he is actually signing, as can be seen in the painting from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where he is accompanied by a violin player.
This boy also appears in the following paintings:
- in a happy family scene from the Wallace Collection in London;
- in a kitchen scene with a woman peeling apples from a private collection, exhibited at the Rotterdam Museum in the exhibition of Rotterdam Masters from the Golden Age in 1994/1995;
- in a painting sold in 1997 at Christie’s London that was subsequently with Gallery Johhny Van Haeften, where he is being scolded by his mother, who is raising her finger;
- in a painting sold in 2009 at Köller in Zurich, where he is represented with two sleeping men.
Our painting and three of the above mentioned bear no date. The Wallace Collection painting is dated 1656, the Rotterdam exhibition painting is dated 1665.
Not only our little boy is typical of Duyfhuysen, so is also his love for kitchen implements reflecting light. 
Why should you buy this painting?
Because it is a typical middle 17th century Dutch kitchen interior scene holding, as one expects, nicely painted shiny objects.
Because it is rather surprising to see this rather anxious little singer, partly hiding behind his mother from the painter, and therefore from us.
Comparative paintings
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