Lamen, Christoffel Jacobsz. van der
14.500 €

An elegant company on a terrace
Oil on panel : 41,2 X 52,3 cm
Frame : 58,6 X 70,6 cm

About Christoffel Jacobsz. van der Lamen
His name is sometimes spelt “Laemen”
Flemish painter
Antwerp or Brussels circa 1606 – 1651/52 Antwerp

Genre scene painter.
Painter of elegant noblemen and ladies who are in gallant conversation,  playing music, dancing, or playing a game of cards or backgammon. He regularly painted the Prodigal Son spending all his money at the brothel.
Pupil of his father, Jacob, who was also a genre painter, and possibly also pupil of Frans Francken II. He was definitely strongly influenced by Frans Francken II and by ‘The garden of love’ by Sir Peter Paul Rubens (Prado, Madrid).
Master in the Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp in the year 1636-37; being the son of a member-painter he was registered as ‘wine-master’. That same year he already enrolled a pupil, Hieronymus Janssens (Antwerp 1624 – 1693 Antwerp). Janssens specialized in dance scenes and was thus named “the dancer”, “le danseur”.
Van der Lamen married in 1642, the couple had six children.
Although there is a clear difference between the style of Christoffel Jacobsz. van der Lamen and that of Hieronymus Janssens their paintings have often been confused.
Comparative paintings
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