Monogrammist JHV
10.700 €

A still life with a ‘roemer’, a lobster, fruit in pewter plates and Wan-li porcelain and a ‘pronkbeker’
Oil on panel : 58,9 X 82,4 cm
Monogrammed lower left “JH V”
Frame : 72,9 X 96,1 cm

(incl. our 20% profit percentage)


About the Monogrammist JHV

Dutch painter
Active (dated works known between) 1652 and 1663.

Still life painter.

According to Adriaan van der Willigen and Fred Meijer in their “A Dcitionary of Dutch and Flemish Still-life Painters working in Oils, 1525 – 1725”, published in 2003, P. 226 there are ‘a little less than two dozens still lifes with fruit, porcelain bowls, lobsters, rummers, etc’ known carrying this monogram.

The painter is definitely Dutch, possibly inspired by Jan Davidsz. de Heem. There are also striking similarities with still lifes of Michiel Simons. Both de Heem and Simons have been documented in Utrecht.

Apparently he had the habit of putting his monogram against a dark background, so that it is very difficult to see it or actually to be absolutely sure that it only says “JHV”.

He generally painted on panel.

About our painting

The composition of our painting shows many striking similarities with the still life from the Bredius Museum at The Hague and with another still life sold at Christie’s Amsterdam, 10/11/08.

Still life painting offered painters a wonderful opportunity to showcase their ability to render disparate surfaces that they would juxtapose.

It is interesting to note how our painter regularly displays a ‘roemer’ with white wine together with a partly peeled lemon on a pewter plate. Not only are they common props in Dutch still life, they were also entirely natural companions, since in the seventeenth century it was customary to season wine with lemon.

Why should you buy this painting?

Because it is a nice, affordable example of 17th century Dutch still life painting, containing all the classic ingredients of it: the lobster, fruit, a ‘roemer’ glass with whit wine, Wan-li porcelain, a ‘pronkbeker’, the peeled lemon.

Comparative paintings
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