Pierson, Christoffel
37.000 €

A trompe l’oeil with a skylight surrounded with hunting paraphernalia 
Oil on canvas : 79,0 X 66,5 cm
Frame : 95,6 X 84,4 cm


About Christoffel Pierson

Dutch painter, poet and art dealer
The Hague 1631 -1714 Gouda

Portrait painter, painter of trompe l’oeil still lifes and of town views, and finally also glass painter.

His father, Paulus, was a former military and fencing master.

Pupil of Bartholomeus Meyburgh (probably The Hague 1624/25 – 1709/09 possibly The Hague), who was only a few years older.
Shortly after his first marriage in Schiedam in 1652 Pierson and Meyburgh made together a tour of various German states in 1653.

By May 1654 Pierson was a citizen of Gouda, where he remained until his second marriage in 1680. Here our painter started producing trompe l’oeil still lifes with fowling and hunting equipment inspired by the success that the brothers Anthonie (1630 -1671/73) and Johannes (circa 1633 – 1688) Leemans had. Castle Heemstede bij Houten in the province of Utrecht has a magnificent set of four huge trompe l’oeils (229 X 156 cm) by Pierson, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg has a pair, also with hunting equipment.

From 1680/81 until his third marriage at the age of sixty in 1691 Pierson lived again in Schiedam, although he still also worked in Gouda, some 30 km further.
In 1685 he became a member of the Painter’s Guild of Schiedam.

From 1691 until his death in 1714 our painter stayed again in Gouda. 
In 1696, at the age of 65, Pierson was appointed as glass painter of the St John’s church in Gouda, where he had to look after and restore the glass paintings. He was very skilled in this profession that he practiced officially until the age of 75. 

Pierson not only employed the paint brush but also the pencil: we should not forget that Pierson, also at an advanced age, became an important poet and that he wrote three theatre plays. He was strongly interested in mythological themes.

Although Pierson died at the age of 83 there are not that many paintings known by him. Most of them are still lifes with hunting gear, followed by portraits.

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